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Meet your SDDA Board Members & Staff

2023-2024 SDDA Board Members

SDDA Board President

Dawn Fujiwara-Pavlik

Seaside Slushies & Dogs 

BAMM! Promotional Products

SDDA Board Vice President

Zach Poole

Pig 'N Pancake

line x.png

SDDA Board Treasurer

CC Wakefield

LINE-X of Clatsop County

SDDA Board Member

Michael Woods

US Bank

SDDA Board Secretary

Ken Heman

Seaside Visitors Bureau

Local Celebrity and Volunteer of the Year for 2022.

SDDA Board Member

Tersa Simplot

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Seaside Convention Center

SDDA Board Member

Haylie Hudson

Your Store

SDDA Board Member

Stevie Sue Stevenson

The Cotton Club

SDDA Executive Director

Kerri Lambert

Kerri has worked in downtown Seaside since 2004.  

Be a part of something great!

If you are currently an SDDA member and have a drive to a part of something great, then consider joining the SDDA Board!

Board members are elected by a majority vote from other SDDA members and serve a 3-year term. We have monthly board meetings, multiple committees for you to be a part of as well as the opportunity to voice your thoughts and ideas to help increase the viability of Downtown Seaside. 

To be considered, you must be a current SDDA Member, your business located within Downtown core area (we do have some spots available for businesses located outside the core; for more details please reach out to us), and the time to dedicate yourself towards our organization. 

Elections will begin in September 2020. Announcement for Board openings. October 1st. closing of board nominations and ballots mailed out. November 1st Closing of ballots accepted.

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