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As we start a new membership year itís a good time to review what we have achieved over the previous twelve months!

The Seaside Downtown Development Association relocated the office to accommodate staff growth and increase year-round membership access, redesigned the Downtown Walking Map and increased print production due to demand, hired a new Executive Director and additional part-time staff, redesigned the website, increased our social media activity and doubled our audience, increased attendance to our annual events and began expanding our community partnerships.

This year we face fresh challenges, but are always game. We continue to strive toward our mission, enhancing Downtown Seaside environmentally and economically whenever we can. We also plan to continue growing our community partnerships and social media platforms, expand highlighting our membership and improve and refresh current event plans. All in all, do what we do even BETTER, offering excellent promotional support to members and improving downtown for locals and visitors alike.

We hope you will support the SDDA! We are grateful and our continued success is only possible due to your generosity and support. Through your membership, we share a partnership that is working on behalf of the City of Seaside. Your membership gives you the opportunity to play a direct role in the strengthening of downtown Seaside. A healthy, viable downtown is crucial to the economic health and civic pride of the entire community. Membership dues allow us to continue to bring programs to our members and beautification efforts to downtown.

Whether you are a new or returning member, the membership form for the 2017-18 year is available by clicking HERE. If you are a new member, we encourage you to visit our New Membership Page, to hear about all the wonderful benefits and opportunities the SDDA can provide.

Membership Dues have remained the same this year and we do provide an option to prepay for participation in annual membership promotional programs. For those with a full membership, please return your form and payment by September 1st, 2017 to ensure you can vote in the Fall SDDA Board Elections.

If you have ideas or questions, donít hesitate to contact me!

Warm Regards,

Sarah Dailey
Executive Director

Becoming an SDDA member is just a click away! If using a credit or debit card, all you have to do is click the link and it will take you to our Membership site!